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Initiatives for employment of unemployed in exile and increase in skills of workers need to be done: Taifur Rahman Chhotan


Minhaj Hossain from Italy:

 Due to the global Corona epidemic, there has been turmoil in employment at home and abroad. Unemployment problem is increasing day by day in all countries starting from Italy including Europe.

The aim is to create employment for expatriates in Italy. In collaboration with Shah Md. Taifur Rahman Chhotan, Chairman of Ital Bangla Self-Improvement and Development Association in Italy and under the initiative of Italian organization EDIL FRAIR CONTRAZIONI GENERALI SPA, various projects have been taken for job creation.

Despite taking the initiative to create employment, the Corona epidemic has complicated its implementation. The Ital Bangla Self-Determination and Development Association has made an effort to coordinate between 'life and livelihood'.

Recently, in the presence of the leaders of the Italian organization EDIL FRAIR CONTRAZIONI GENERALI SPA at the Ital Bangla office in the capital Rome, arrangements were made for the registration of unemployed youth from different countries for employment. Numerous expatriates were registered with the Italian authorities by providing their names and addresses. They were very happy and thanked the Ital Bangla Sambhanay and Unnayan Samiti for coming forward in the development and cooperation of the expatriates in this critical moment.

Meanwhile, Chairman of Ital Bangla Sambhanay and Unnayan Samiti Shah Mohammad Taifur Rahman Chhotan said: We, the Ital Bangla Samiti, have taken various steps for the easy employment of the expatriates as in the past. In its continuation, this time we have taken initiative to create skilled workers at various construction sites through training of expatriate unemployed workers. He sought the cooperation of all for the implementation of this initiative. And all the unemployed are urged to contact the Italian Bangla Office Via Visconte Maggiolo 29-31 and +393274953442.

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